Reflexology is an ancient technique which identifies zones in the feet and hands that are connected to body parts and organs. The foot is considered to reflect your body as a whole. By stimulating pressure points in your feet, rebalancing energy is directed to your internal organs and body structures, to promote relaxation, healing and total body well-being, through reflex action.

The premise is that by applying pressure to certain parts of the feet and hands, the corresponding organ in the body can be brought back into balance. It is so much more than just a foot massage. You don’t need to get undressed for the treatment, and it has the benefit of being able to be used when massage may not be appropriate. As with naturopathy, it too can be used to support any condition, as well as for ongoing health maintenance and stress reduction. 

Why not try this out for yourself and discover this subtle yet powerful, technique which is increasingly popular in the world of complementary therapies